remembrance day


OS women and the Allied war effort 

We’re proud of our long heritage at Ordnance Survey (OS) and that our teams contributed to the war efforts in the 20th Century. We have a memorial at head office commemorating the 123 people who lost their lives from OS during both world wars and gather each year to remember them. We supported the war efforts in many ways, including printing 33 million maps to show trench positions during World War One.  

Commemorative panels on display at our Southampton head office, created by Ellis Martin

What you may not know is that in 1917-18, 46 women from the Overseas Branch of Ordnance Survey crossed the channel and arrived at the frontline to help set up a map making factory.    Read More


Surveying a badge to honour

Our surveying team are working across Britain on a daily basis, capturing all of the changes to our country. From new roads and housing estates to hospitals and shopping centres, the team map it all out. Our surveyor Keith Lanham was asked to survey a more unusual site recently, with particular significance on Remembrance Day.

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Fovant Badges in Wiltshire. If you haven’t come across them before, they are regimental badges that were carved into the chalk downs above the village of Fovant by the soldiers of those regiments.

New centenary badge shown at centre

New centenary badge shown at centre

To mark the anniversary, the Fovant Badges Society, the voluntary organisation which maintains the badges, commissioned the addition of a centenary badge to mark 100 years of the Fovant Badges, and securing their long term future. Read More