Simon King


Bringing nature to you

Today’s guest blog comes from Holly Barber at Simon King Wildlife.

Here in Great Britain we are blessed with a wealth of wildlife. You don’t have to go that far from your front door to encounter it. From the variety of birds that visit your garden, the family of urban foxes that patrol the local area or kingfishers, dippers or perhaps an elusive otter along a local riverbank. This wonderful array of wildlife really is all around us. However, as a recent report from The Wildlife Trusts shows, many species are in decline and as a nation we have the responsibility to do something about that.

Here at Simon King Wildlife we want to help you get closer to the wildlife on your patch and show you how to look after your natural neighbours. This month we have launched our brand new website, www.SimonKingWildlife.com where we will be bringing nature to you.

With our network of live cams you will be offered a peek into the lives of our natural neighbours – from a family of urban foxes in London, a peregrine falcon nest at Charing Cross hospital, or kestrel nesting in a cavity of a house in Somerset to the daily feeding of hundreds of red kites at Gigrin Farm in Wales. Plus the comings and goings on a river bank and a feeding station for badgers and foxes.

For the green-fingered amongst you – you can get seasonal advice on how to make your patch wildlife friendly along with advice on which foods you should put out to attract a variety of garden birds.  Over the coming months we will be adding more exciting content to the site that will help you identify what visitors you’ve had in your patch and how you can encourage them to stay.

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