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Building smart and happy cities

By Peter Hedlund, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey International

Ensuring quality of life in our cities is a complex challenge, but essential to making it happen is up-to-date and accurate land information. The emergence of Internet of Things technology such as autonomous vehicles, is driving the development of smart cities in many metropolitan areas around the world.

Dubai has set itself the goal of being the world’s smartest and happiest city. To achieve this vision, a smart city initiative has been launched to explore energy, environment, infrastructure and mobility. Geospatial data will be a key component and tool enabling services in each of these domains. Read More


CityVerve launches in Manchester

Guest blog by Simon Navin, Ordnance Survey Project Lead, Smart Practice.

July saw the official launch of CityVerve, the UK’s demonstrator project in Manchester for large scale deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. OS are part of a consortium of over 20 public and private sector organisations, ranging from SMEs to large global corporates, who over the next two years will design and deliver a series of citizen-focused solutions around the themes of Transport, Energy, Health and Culture, using IoT sensor and collaborative platform technology. After six months of governance negotiations, the project is now live and everyone is raring to go.

Our role is to provide the geospatial framework and location expertise upon which solutions may be based. The project will be a challenge to our existing content and working methods, as well as providing us with essential insight into what the content of the future may look like and how it may need to be delivered and shared. We’ll learn a lot from working with experts in data presentation, platform development, hardware deployment and key sector expertise.

The University of Manchester shown in the emerging 3D context model based on point clouds derived from aerial photography

The University of Manchester shown in the emerging 3D context model based on point clouds derived from aerial photography

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What is a smart city?

Guest blog by Ray Hooke, Senior Intelligence Hub Analyst at Peterborough City Council 

According to “The 2015 World Smart City Awards” recently held in Barcelona, Peterborough is just that.

If you were to ask 100 people, “What is a smart city?” you would be likely to get 100 different answers, demonstrating that it means many different things to many different people. It kind of makes sense that when shaping, or attempting to shape a smart city, that these same people are involved in deciding what “Smart” means for their city.


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