Summer Holidays


Pleasure pier quiz

As we begin the summer holidays and the heatwave continues, you may well find yourself heading to a beach with a pleasure pier. But which is the longest pleasure pier in Great Britain?

We’ve come up with the stats for the top 10 longest pleasure piers in Great Britain according to the National Piers Society, and we even have the dates of when they opened and original sizes of the ones which have had extensions.

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Beat the bugs – midges

Midge: Culicoides_impunctatusWhen you’re out in the countryside, particularly if you’re camping, it’s impossible to avoid midges and mosquitoes. These types of insect are an important part of our ecosystem, and there are trillions of them, but you may be tempted to forget this when you’re under attack.

The best you can do is to employ some kind of skin protection, stay away from the type of habitat and conditions that midges like, and know how to deal with bites you might get. Learning a bit about why midges bite, and what attracts them can also help you plan your avoidance strategy.

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Gear up for your camping trip

CampingWith brief sightings of the sun in the UK comes the natural urge to get out to the countryside and sleep under the stars. Whether going alone, with a partner, family members or friends, it can be a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a weekend.

One of the stumbling blocks when it comes to camping is what to bring, particularly for people who rarely go. But fear not, camping can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, depending on how much comfort and entertainment you require. Read More