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Trig-bagger completes 13-year mission

While there are many trig-baggers out there, trig-bagger extraordinaire Rob Woodall completed his 13-year mission to bag all of Britain’s trig pillars last weekend in Fife.


He’s bagged 6,190 trig pillars in that period, a seriously impressive achievement. We joined his final trig-bagging expedition to Benarty Hill and awarded him a mounted flush bracket to mark the moment. Read More


Britain’s top trig-bagger

Anyone who reads our blog will know that we’re big fans of the trig pillar, and we love hearing from our followers on Twitter and Facebook when they share their trig pillar photos with us. We thought we knew a fair amount about the humble trig, but we bow to the amazing knowledge of Britain’s top trig-bagger, Rob Woodall. We came across Rob after he made it into the book, Dull Men of Great Britain, celebrating the fascinating people, mundane hobbies and particular passions that inspire the Dull Men’s Club. Today he shares with us his love of the trig and when he’s going to complete his 14-year quest to bag all of Britain’s trig pillars.

Next spring I’m due to bag my last British trig pillar. The OS built some 6,500 of these, excluding on-site replacements, and some 300 have since been lost to housing development, farming, coastal erosion and other causes.

Rob Woodall and Graeme Paterson photographed by Aileen Gray

Rob Woodall and Graeme Paterson photographed by Aileen Gray

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