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Andrew Terry

Andrew Terry is Technical Director at Laser Surveys Limited, delivering the mapping platform which includes the award winning online mapping portal www.centremapslive.co.uk and derived white label sites and web services.

Andrew works with datasets from numerous agencies (including Ordnance Survey, British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency), open source data and client datasets. Capabilities range from product/solution creation through interface design to the storage and maintenance of data, its application and the formats in which it may be consumed. Detailed licensing knowledge ensures that solutions deliver on intended usage within the financial constraints of a project.

Andrew is software agnostic, working with a range of CAD, GIS, database and non-spatial solutions; both commercial and open source.

A background in land survey, BSc in geography and geology and MSc in Hydrology for Environmental Management all support his understanding of the origins and capture of spatial data and its application.

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