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Consolidate to accumulate. Downsizing a £1.8bn annual bill

Going small for big savings

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ (BIS - now BEIS) Estates Transition Programme has begun. Aiming to drop from 200 to 70 or less premises used, it’s set to save £100 million by the end of 2014–15. Using PSMA data, BIS can:

  • Understand the geographical footprint of its existing 5 million m2 estate.
  • Identify and rationalise high concentration areas, releasing 2 million m2 of space.
  • Prioritise the location of frontline public facing services.
  • Ensure offices remain accessible to staff.
  • Reduce average office space pp from 13.2 m2 to 10 m2.
  • Save £830 million in annual costs.

The Public Services Mapping Agreement (PSMA) includes datasets like OS VectorMap® Local used in this case.

You too can clearly see, understand and make the best of your assets.

"The Ordnance Survey data we have used has proved to be an excellent communications tool. It has made it extremely easy for us to see the impact of our decisions and, critically, to demonstrate our estates strategy to other people within the organisation."

Estates Transition Programme Manager, BIS

The products used

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