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Visualising customer data to provide valuable insights

  • The OS OpenData product range provides software developers with an extensive array of high quality components which can be used as the basis of valuable solutions in many industry sectors.

    Paul Hobbs, Founder, Citrus Analytics.

The challenge

Citrus Analytics’ aim for their Zest software was to make the process of turning customer data into valuable information as simple and powerful as possible. Part of the envisaged solution involved the ability to visualise customers on a map and allow them to be selected visually, in keeping with visual selection in other areas of the software. The resulting selections could be used as the basis of qualitative research groups, for direct marketing campaigns or for analysis purposes.

Trying to achieve a similar goal with non-visual selection wouldn’t be easy or elegant.

The solution

Citrus Analytics identified two OS OpenData products to allow the required functionality. Code-Point Open, combined with other functionality in Zest, allows customer records to be represented on a map. The 1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster maps were chosen to display the customer records.

For Citrus Analytics, the real value of integrating OS OpenData products into its Zest software lies in how closely it integrates with other functionality in the software to enable insight.

For example, an online retailer can create a ‘total spend’ variable for the last 12 months, for every customer, create deciles for total spend and then create a map to see if high-spend customers appear to be clustered in a specific geographical area. If they are, further analysis can be undertaken to better understand high-spend customers.

Filters can be created and applied in the software to allow only certain records to be shown and visually selected.

The benefits

• Allows companies and organisations to better understand their customers.

• Code-Point Open is updated quarterly to ensure accuracy and to reflect new postcodes.

• The service provided by Ordnance Survey is very professional.

• Licensing for the products used is very straightforward.

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 577kB


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