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Uniting 32 Scottish authorities saves money and resources

  • Nowhere else in the world can people check out their local greenspace at the click of a button. Behind that simple action lies several years of work with local authorities and collaboration with partners.

    Julie Procter, Chief Executive, greenspace scotland

World’s first greenspace map developed

Within Scotland, policy makers increasingly recognise the importance of greenspaces and the range of benefits they offer. A nationally consistent data set was needed to manage and promote these spaces and support high-level policy making. Using OS data, a national Scottish Greenspace Map – the first of its type in the world – was developed, saving time, money and resources.

The challenge

  • Providing a nationally consistent spatial data set to manage and promote Scotland’s green spaces sitting within or next to an urban area.
  • Creating a set of greenspace data across 32 Scottish local authorities.
  • Ironing out inconsistencies in the classification and data management across each authority.
  • Avoiding costly and time consuming data collection on a national level.

The answer

To collate a nationally consistent spatial data set for the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage and greenspace scotland collaborated on a national Scottish Greenspace Map. This project had input from a large number of stakeholders, including the 32 local authorities, CoSLA, Forestry Commission Scotland, Central Scotland Green Network and Scottish Environment Protection Agency. OS provided advice on product specification and licensing through the OSMA.

The results

  • World’s first publicly available greenspace map of its type.
  • Provides a robust tool for a wide range of applications, helping policy makers, asset managers, planners, researchers and the general public.
  • Time and cost saving through centralised data set.
  • Allows for national analysis of greenspace, supporting policy development and improved monitoring.
  • Encourages consistency in data management between stakeholders.

Are you a public sector organisation?

If you’re a public sector organisation, you could be eligible to access a range of mapping data sets, which are free at your point of use, helping you drive down costs by harnessing data more effectively.

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 447kB


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