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£150 million awarded to tackle crime

  • AddressBase enables the NOMS Co-financing Organisation to me

    Andy Grocott – Manager (ICT/CATS), NOMS

Can a criminal’s behaviour be changed? The Ministry of Justice believes that by increasing chances of employment, they’re less likely to reoffend. NOMS is an Executive Agency, which brings together the Probation and Prison Service for a more effective service delivery.

The Co-Financing Organisation, operated by NOMS, is a large-scale employability programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), who use the OS data to successfully match a participant with an address, enabling the appropriate receipt of ESF funding to help their offender programme and meet performance targets.


What were the challenges?

  • Reducing crime.
  • Engaging with “hard to help” offenders and making them more employable.
  • Encouraging offenders to access mainstream services and employment opportunities while in custody.
  • Working with a range of providers to meet targets.

Data from OS allowed NOMS to map a range of statistics according to region to help their offender programme and meet performance targets. The essential OS tools

What was the solution?

Due to the transient nature of the client group, sometimes there are issues obtaining accurate address details from offenders, and them remembering their full, correct postal address was unlikely. By using the most comprehensive addressing data available within AddressBase Premium, NOMS CFO were able to report back to the ESF with a validated postal code relevant to the individual client. Without this, appropriate funding for that individual can be refused.

What were the outcomes?

  • A complete address match could be found, despite partial address information given.
  • Validated and assured data could be given to the ESF.
  • NOMS CFO could continue to receive payments that support the programme and its fundamentals.
  • The programme is currently on schedule to meet its targets.
  • NOMS CFO will now receive £150 million in funding.

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 599kB


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