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Newcastle City Council saves £100k in refuse collection fuel costs

Following a restructure and budget cuts, Newcastle City Council had to look at ways to optimise many of their services including Waste Management. By using free PSMA data from Ordnance Survey, routes have been planned more effectively leading to a reduction in the fleet of vehicles, fewer miles covered and tens of thousands of pounds saved in fuel.

  • This has been rolled out in a project to cover the whole of the North East of England and now covers more than 1.1 million households.

    Mark Mohun, Business Analyst


  • Improving efficiencies following cuts in council budget and resources.
  • Re-assessing how things are run and optimising remaining budget and resources.
  • Improving services including waste management.
  • Continuing to provide excellent customer service to 117,000 customers.


Integrated Skills Limited provides Route Planning and Optimisation Software to improve efficiency and productivity within vehicle fleets. They used Ordnance Survey’s OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer to remodel the refuse collections across the whole of the Newcastle City Council area. The ITN Layer provides a detailed overview of Great Britain’s transport infrastructures, enabling customers to base their route calculations for planning, analysis or in-vehicle instruction on the most detailed, current and high-quality information available. ITN data was used in conjunction with RouteSmart base mapping to remap the city’s waste routes.


  • Reduction in the number of vehicles needed for waste collection.
  • Remodelling of routes and the introduction of Weekly Alternative Collections (WAC) provided further savings.
  • Residual waste mileage reduced from 122,096 per year to 84,006 miles per year – resulting in an estimated FUEL SAVING OF £75,036 (A 31% SAVING).
  • Recycling mileage reduced from 93,808 miles per year to 78,684 miles per year – resulting in FUEL SAVINGS OF £29,912 (A 16% SAVING).

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 1.2MB


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