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Health matters. Geographic information gets to the heart of it

Keeping health in check with PSMA

Health Maps Wales is an interactive insight into Welsh health. This mapping tool records and presents evidence through simple visual analysis of trends, patterns and irregularities. PSMA and GIS data act as lifelines, helping to:

  • Create one port of call for health statistics across Welsh Health Boards.
  • Simplify complex health data, including hospital admissions.
  • Compare local and national figures by area and map trends over time.
  • Ensure common surgical procedures follow evidence-based guidance.
  • Achieve value for money through more effective use of high-quality health data.
  • Reduce burden on health professionals.

The Public Services Mapping Agreement (PSMA) includes datasets like 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster used in this case.

You too can clearly see, understand and make the best of your assets.

"Health Maps Wales is an effective online tool for visualising and analysing complex Welsh health data against Ordnance Survey mapping. The service supports evidence based decision-making, the effective targeting of resources and collaborative working across the NHS in Wales."

Sally Cox
NHS Wales Informatics Service

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 235kB


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