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Propertywide.co.uk uses Ordnance Survey data for a unique house-hunting experience

  • Propertywide.co.uk is another example of how our partners are using Ordnance Survey data to underpin their services, ultimately helping the property market make better decisions.

    Dan Hughes, Ordnance Survey

Propertywide uses Ordnance Survey data in a number of ways, providing their users with the most accurate and up-to-date information about the area in which they are house-hunting.

In 2009, www.countrywide.co.uk, one of the UK’s largest residential property businesses, launched www.propertywide.co.uk, a website dedicated to their estate agency brands’ properties and all of Countrywide’s related property services. Propertywide is a platform for customers to contact local agents, find out about associated services and everything else people need when moving, buying, selling, renting or letting property.

The challenge

In a competitive marketplace, being able to provide their customers with precise information about a property was high on the priority list. Other property portals and websites had set a benchmark and Propertywide needed a solution that could exceed their customer expectations.

The solution

A key aspect of Propertywide is the accuracy of their search, allowing customers to view a property’s area in great detail, from a location perspective, and also in terms of additional points of interest. When searching for property to buy or rent, detailed mapping technology is invaluable. Not only does it help users locate properties in their search radius, it also allows them to visualise how close their search location is to amenities and vital services, such as schools or hospitals. Ordnance Survey data has helped them to provide their customers with this important information, enabling them to display accurate local details to all of their users across the UK.

The benefits

As Propertywide has grown, so has the quantity and the range of data used from Ordnance Survey. They are now reliant on Ordnance Survey data for a number of key mapping functions that help to make their property search, by postcode or place, as accurate as possible.

Dan Hughes, Land and Property sector manager, Ordnance Survey. ‘Propertywide.co.uk have recently used our data to create new polygon border shapes, that appear on their maps, to identify localities that are assigned to a particular postcode. When a customer searches by postcode they will now be able to see the boundaries and all properties within it, giving customers a further level of detail and the ability to pinpoint exactly a property’s location. Propertywide.co.uk is another example of how our partners are using Ordnance Survey data to underpin their services, ultimately helping the property market make better decisions’.

Return on investment

Giving visitors to Propertywide access to the most accurate data is of utmost importance, and avoids customers having to look elsewhere to find the information required. Ordnance Survey data allows Propertywide to provide the relevant information about a property, at the right time in the customer journey, which proves extremely valuable to conversion rates, and therefore return on investment.

The products used

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