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The challenge

In order to sustain essential energy distribution in the UK, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) must maintain 48,500 kilometres of high-voltage overhead power lines supported across the nation by wooden poles.

When interruptions to the supply of power occur, the cause is often traced to interference from tree and vegetation growth, or quite simply a tree falling onto the lines.

The solution

SSE realised that the OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer offered a solution. With extensive, up-to-date coverage of the entire country, the imagery enabled a great deal of additional contextual information to be interrogated simultaneously, allowing SSE to discover problems in a more cost-effective way than instigating bespoke flying programmes.

Because our Imagery Layer is quality assured, colour balanced and orthorectified to the highest standard, it provides a seamless picture of Great Britain with pinpoint accuracy and in high detail. This helps with everything from increasing the accuracy of site planning and development, to monitoring the environment, security and risk management.

This makes it ideally suited to desktop analysis, enhanced decision making and simpler interpretation of complex concepts - allowing companies like SSE to locate problems more effectively and efficiently, without the need for multiple site visits.

Business benefits:

  • Pre-planned desk analysis reducing the number of site visits required
  • Significant reduction in flying lines and costs per/hr.
  • Reduced risk of unforeseen site problems
  • More accurate analysis of way leave payments to landowners
  • Accurate regulatory reporting for asset management plans
  • Vegetation management to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Asset maintenance prioritisation delivering greater efficiencies
  • Identification of risk to asset specifically poles and cables
  • Environmental responsibility and land management

The products used

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