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SEPA see the benefits of migrating to a customisable OS mapping dataset.

SEPA moved from 1:10 000 Scale Colour Raster to OS VectorMap Local because they could style it to suit their needs.

Accurate and user-friendly backdrop maps are essential tools for organisations needing a framework and context for location data.

OS VectorMap Local presented a solution to the limitations of 1:10 000 Scale Raster; allowing users to customise an OS base map product to their needs by tweaking both the cartographic and topographic detail of the map.

Aaron Hamilton, GIS Developer

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is a significant user of geographic information. Following the release of OS VectorMap Local, it made the move to this from OS 1:10 000 scale raster. The vector product provides an enhanced level of customisation, and a high level of detail maintained by frequent updates.

What were the challenges?

  • Numerous desktop and field staff using spatial data in a range of areas including enforcement, hydrological and atmospheric science and GIS analysis.
  • Supporting the needs of a large organisation using backdrop maps for day-to-day business.
  • Migrating from OS 1:10 000 scale products, which were popular and familiar to GIS users across the organisation and could not be replaced by an inferior product. OS VectorMap Local is used to provide context in all of SEPAs internal mapping applications.

What was the solution?

  • SEPA made the move to OS VectorMap Local. While OS 1:10 000 scale raster was a very popular base map, one of its weaknesses was the limited cartographic variety available to end users. OS VectorMap Local allows users to customise an OS base map product to their needs by altering both the creative look and topographic detail of the map.
  • Following a period of migration using open source solutions and translations of acceptable symbology, OS VectorMap Local is now used across SEPA in a range of settings and in vector, raster and WMS formats.

What were the benefits?

  • Clear and concise vector format backdrop mapping, maintained with quarterly updates.
  • Superb detail – includes buildings, roads & road fills, railways, watercourses and land areas, plus boundaries, cartographic text and symbols.
  • Vector format supports customisation, letting you style your map in just the way you need.
  • Opens up the potential of using analytics to understand the location of assets in relation to demographics; logistics and the opportunity to combine additional third-party data to define market sectors.

The products used

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