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Prepare. Prevent. Protect.

In an emergency, every second counts. That’s why Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service relies on AddressBase to keep the country safe with:

  • Automated accuracy of incident locations.
  • New visual map of all addresses with specific risks identified.
  • New simplified search and record system.
  • Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) enable precise identification of incident locations and addresses.
  • £100k saved by consolidating gazetteer management systems.
  • Easy data sharing with partners, neighbouring authorities and other emergency services.

The Public Services Mapping Agreement (PSMA) includes datasets like AddressBase Premium used in this case.

You too can clearly see, understand and make the best of your assets.

"The use of AddressBase within Suffolk Fire has improved the direction and focus of our Prevention and Protection teams. By focusing our resources on the areas of greatest importance to us, we are making additional cost savings."

Alyson Giles, Fire ICT Manager

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 433kB


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