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Putting the local into location-based advertising to target specific audiences

  • The impact on productivity has been dramatic. Proposals which used to take three days to write can now be completed in 30 minutes.

    Greg Anyon, Sales and Marketing Director

Whilst some argue that online advertising is replacing more traditional channels because it is not restricted by time or geography, outdoor advertising specialist T4 Media is challenging this perception by offering access to high-value audiences through location-specific campaigns, underpinned by digital map data.

The company offers national advertising opportunities at some 5 000 transport-related locations across the UK. These include AdGates (walk-though ticket gateways) installed in 236 of the country’s highest throughput railway stations; car park barriers at 187 sites; and on petrol pump nozzles at 4 200 forecourts. On a yearly basis T4 Media provides clients with the unique opportunity to gain unmissable and guaranteed access to 3.2 billion commuter journeys.

The challenge

With advertising content today delivered 24–7 to a worldwide audience, it could be said that everywhere is now local. Audiences however, still live in a physical world, where geography has a very real impact on their everyday life and movements. The challenge for T4 Media was using this to identify attractive opportunities for capturing and sustaining people’s attention without being invasive.

The solution

T4 Media recognised that as people travel, they move through different ‘break points’, for example, to present a ticket at a railway station barrier or when filling their car with fuel – and that this provided an ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach a specific audience with messages tailored to a particular locality.

Free-to-use Ordnance Survey mapping from the OS OpenData™ product range is used within a desktop spatial information system, to assist in preparing proposals to demonstrate the value and advertising potential of this approach.

By managing the location and characteristics of T4 Media’s advertising space network and integrating its Front Range® GoldMine CRM and a SQL Server database, the system is helping to automate the proposals process. This means that staff no longer need to manually identify suitable outdoor advertising spaces, as they can now analyse multiple seed points from their desks. The system is tailored to T4 Media’s exact needs by Cadcorp®, an Ordnance Survey developer partner, and incorporates any geographic data required for specific projects and proposals.

The benefits

  • Increases productivity thanks to an automated proposal process, enabling staff to work more quickly and proactively.
  • Delivers competitive advantage to both T4 Media and its clients by offering access to high-value audiences.
  • Enables advertising messages to be targeted to specific localities.
  • Provides unmissable, accountable, attractive advertising, which enables audience numbers to be independently verified.

Return on investment

‘The impact on productivity has been dramatic. Proposals which used to take three days to write can now be completed in 30 minutes. The huge increase in productivity, brought about by using the Cadcorp Spatial Information System, along with Ordnance Survey’s OS OpenData, has also allowed us to change the way we do business – we are now able to proactively take creative location-based advertising proposals to our clients and media agencies rather than simply reacting to requests. Our experience has been that agencies and clients who once viewed the world through online advertising spectacles, begin to see the world differently when you take the time to explain the real and continuing value of location in engaging with the target audience.’

Greg Anyon, Sales and Marketing Director, T4 Media

The products used

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