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Walsall Council's emergency drainage calls halved with Gully SMART

  • ‘This is exactly the type of innovation we have needed. The intelligence that is being gained enables us to objectively reduce the frequency of cleaning where it is not needed and prioritise problem areas.

    John Roseblade, Group Manager Highways & Environment

Increasing efficiency and savings

Walsall Council’s emergency cleaning bill for its 33,000 gullies was historically unproductive and reactive due to a lack of knowledge about the network. Surveying technology experts KaarbonTech developed a solution that would not only help the Council reduce emergencies through better drain maintenance, but lower its costs too.

The challenges

  • Maintaining a network of 33,000 gullies.
  • Identifying problems earlier and preventing incidents.
  • Reducing the need for emergency gully cleaning. Improving service and reducing costs.

The answer

OS data helped KaarbonTech create a single piece of software called Gully SMART, an innovative GIS based solution, able to map and monitor gully drainage networks alongside other local authority assets. The software, used with handheld devices, means staff in the field can capture data using voice, video and photos with GIS, underpinned by Ordnance Survey mapping.

The results

  • Gauges the need for an on-site inspection. Identifies problems earlier and prevents incidents.
  • Allows other agencies to be alerted and issues to be addressed.
  • Allows a focus of spend to be directed to areas of most need.
  • A 50% reduction in emergency call-outs predicted

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 617kB


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Adopting an open-source solution for the council's internal web geographical information system (GIS) has provided flexibility and ease of use of Ordnance Survey products and council information.

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