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Ordnance Survey Annual Energy and Infrastructure Seminar 2013

The value of information within the business

Presentations (PDF)

Keynote: The value of Information within business
James Robbins, Head of Information Services, Northumbrian Water Limited

A consistent reference within data analytics and regulation
Ian Knowles, Head of Energy Efficiency Statistics, DECC

Spatial data in Thames water: Anecdotes and Incentives
Lawrence Smith, Asset Data Improvement Manager, Thames water

Ordnance Survey data portfolio product update
David Henderson, Head of Product Development, Ordnance Survey

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Martyn Palmer, Korec

Web services and future outlook
John Abbott, Head of Access and Services, Ordnance Survey

EAGLES: An automated plant enquiries system
Neil Brammall GL Noble Denton/Steve Carter/National Grid

Underground Asset Detection – The British Standard PAS 128
Marc Hobell, representing the Institution of Civil Engineers

Operational implementation of PAS 128
Andy Rhodes, Head of Service Protection, Heathrow

The Energy and infrastructure team at Ordnance Survey

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