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Manage your assets effectively

The need for a clear strategy to manage assets is becoming more important as the drive to reduce costs of ownership and increase reliability gain pace. Our digital data provides much of the necessary geographic information to exploit location as the basis of an asset management process.

It contains many of the features that are considered to be assets, along with their addresses, how to access them and the kind of land use activities that occur around them. Associating your own data to OS MasterMap also enables the planning of optimal inspection or maintenance intervals, therefore minimising cost and mitigating risk.

OS MasterMap

We use OS MasterMap to determine the replacement value of our assets. We look at the length of pipe and number of manholes and valves and we attribute with type of surface, all of which carry different excavation costs. From this we can calculate the asset replacement costs for the business’s cost model.

Peter Mahon, United Utilities

OS MasterMap data has a unique reference that links address, road networks and topography. It enables you to accurately identify and link together your assets, your risks and your customers, turning your data into operational knowledge. You can also associate your own information to an asset such as their function, history, setting, usage, interaction with other structures and customer information, providing the framework for integrating business processes, therefore increasing efficiencies.

The benefits of OS MasterMap

OS MasterMap can:

  • Identify the precise location of all your assets
  • Associate your own data to enable proactive asset maintenance and replacement strategies
  • Identify an asset in relation to risk
  • Provide an accurate and reliable referencing platform for third party enquiries
  • Identify the location and status of customers in relation to operational assets
  • Enable the visualisation of issues otherwise impossible to deduce from fragmented sets of information
  • Enable fast and accurate identification of the scale of a problem, allowing the prioritisation of work to meet regulatory requirements and minimise customer impact
  • Measure consequence of loss and model re routing of alternative supplies
  • Manage impact of service provision down to single household level
  • Enable evidence-based investment strategies

Case studies

United Utilities uses OS MasterMap to improve service levels, water quality and business performance.

Thanks to OS data, Yorkshire Water has saved 200 man-days in field visits.

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