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Carry out critical infrastructure modelling

Geographic information (GI) is ideally suited for network planning and development. The ability to layer information onto the terrain, complete with attribute data, allows engineers the unique ability to model and assess a network from the office.

This saves valuable time and reduces the number of trips, that the engineer must make to the field. furthermore, the powerful automation capabilities offered increase the speed and accuracy of the network design process and can help reduce, and even eliminate, the downstream impacts of design-phase errors on cost and schedule during the network deployment phase.

Benefits of GI

  • Determine load demands to design pipe/cable sizes
  • Model catchment transfers
  • Reduce the need for site surveys
  • Defines development-impact assessments
  • Provide a common, consistent framework for contingency planning and collaboration

Critical Infrastructure modelling at United Utilities

OS MasterMap has made the process quicker and reduced both the risk and the effect of errors…it allows us to represent accurately what is happening on site within our models and allows us to size systems and design solutions that save money through an increased level of optimisation. We use geographic information day in and day out to support our model build and update needs.

Mark Kaney, Senior Modelling Engineer

The waste water division of United Utilities oversees all the modelling needs that service the business. The models comprise all waste water systems and influencing factors in urban and rural areas complete with pumping stations, combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and other elements.

These models support analysis of the effects of climate change and flooding, water pollution and water quality. Additionally, model catchment transfers detail the effects of transferring flow from a waste water treatment facility into another catchment area. They also carry out development impact assessments – the impact of new housing or industrial developments on the current waste-water systems. All these applications deliver organisational knowledge and business continuity planning.

Find out more about our OS MasterMap products.

Case studies

United Utilities uses OS MasterMap to improve service levels, water quality and business performance.

Thanks to OS data, Yorkshire Water has saved 200 man-days in field visits.

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