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Improve customer relations and billing

The value of customer relations is immeasurable and forms a key component of any organisations strategy. It is therefore essential that information gathered is channeled to the right parts of the business and staff dealing directly with the customer are provided with the most appropriate information available, preferably in real time.

Our location data

The management, placement and quality of addresses are vital to our strategic vision for the best use of geospatial intelligence…I can generate all the addresses we need to notify in the event of a major problem affecting, say, 60 000 properties in just 15 mins by selecting the problem area.

Pete Mahon, United Utilities

Our geographic data can assist with the provision of high quality customer service if integrated with technology such as customer call centres, customer relationship management databases, work management systems, billing, internet sites and mobile devices. OS MasterMap, with its precision detail on addresses and streets, can locate exactly where a customer is calling from or the area they are calling about. Combined with your own data or that of third parties, OS MasterMap creates an analytical platform for increasing the quality of service provision and facilitates bringing back office data into front-line service delivery.

Geographic information

OS MasterMap is invaluable as one of the first things to do with callers is verify from their location that they are actually a customer. We can identify pipe and sewer locations, the service being delivered and the size of the customer site, all whilst on the telephone.

Steve Allen, Severn Trent Water

Geographic information (GI) enables the visualisation of issues otherwise impossible to deduce from fragmented sets of information. By linking an operational asset to an address and knowing who your surrounding customers are, a fast and accurate identification of the scale of the problem can be assessed, allowing the prioritisation of work to minimise customer impact and meet regulatory requirements. By associating your own data you can also identify vulnerable customers so contingency plans can be put in place to priority areas.


In addition, through a complete understanding of multiple occupancy and non-postal addresses, we can help ensure you accurately bill all your customers, helping to reduce unbilled debt.

Our topographic and addressing data enables you to:

  • identify an asset in context of an address
  • identify affected properties linked to an asset
  • increase the speed of response to customer enquiries
  • track resources and liaise both with field operators, contractors and the customer in real time
  • proactively alert customers of outages
  • know where your vulnerable customers are
  • customer profile and identify new business opportunities
  • develop on line customer solutions for reporting faults via a specific location
  • identify all customers that are not being billed

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Case studies

A single source of data enabled by a Central Spatial Repository is enabling 1600 users to view complex geographic information easily and make better operational decisions.

United Utilities uses OS MasterMap to improve service levels, water quality and business performance.

Using geographic information has enabled Anglian Water to decide where best to site mobile bowsers during major interruptions to water supply.

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