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Improve scheduling and mobile field operations

A key driver for any organisation is improving productivity and reducing inefficiencies. An essential aspect of any planned or emergency work is getting the right materials, machinery and resources to the site within the shortest timeframe.

From week one the majority of field staff were working effectively from home, functioning in the field with access to GIS, with a dramatic reduction in paperwork and utilising new technology that we could have only dreamt of a few years ago

Gary Freake, Director of Network, Bristol Water

This requires up to date and accurate identification of assets and knowledge of appropriate resource availability. In addition it is also imperative to ascertain not only the exact layout of your own data but that of third party infrastructure. Once works have been completed, relevant information pertaining to the current status should be recorded.

Geographic information enables you to:

  • accurately identify the location of all your assets and their current condition,
  • accurately reference third party infrastructure, central to safe operations and incident management
  • reliably share data for support in operations, and incident management
  • provide real time optimisation such as route planning,
  • reduce the likelihood of teams crossing over regions
  • complete and update jobs from a customer’s location via remote toughbooks/mobile solutions
  • receive and feed real time edits into a central GIS
  • link work management and customer contact systems, which in turn quickly establishes the status of a job, enabling informed customer management.
  • Reduce liabilities, and enables noticing compliance.

Up to date, accurate, geographic information such as our OS MasterMap products enables you to manage risk, provide more economic maintenance, determine load demands and secure a sustainable service.

Case studies

Thanks to OS data, Yorkshire Water has saved 200 man-days in field visits.

United Utilities uses OS MasterMap to improve service levels, water quality and business performance.

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