Helping you digitally transform

Digital transformation is helping utilities provide better, more resilient services to their customers.

Energy, infrastructure and telcos are looking at new ways of using data and technology to drive the process of building, operating, and maintaining their networks – keeping them efficient and fit-for-the-future.

You may be trying to identify environmental changes to reduce potential risk to your assets. You may want to know the exact height of your customers’ addresses in a district metered area to optimise pump locations; or have a current, accurate understanding of the built environment to improve your wireless or fibre network planning.

How we can help

Ordnance Survey has always had a strong affinity with the utilities sector. We’ve helped organisations optimise their field staff and manage multiple stakeholders, integrating multiple datasets and getting the very best out of rapidly-changing data. Our experience and knowledge translates well into this space.

So that’s why we’ve developed our Geospatial Maturity Assessment (GMA). It's designed to evaluate how mature your organisation is at collecting, managing and using geospatial information to meet stakeholders and business goals. Being digitally mature optimises time, resources, and investment.

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Take our 16-part multiple choice Geospatial Maturity Assessment covering six core areas including product and service development, corporate governance, stakeholder engagement and geospatial technologies.

The report provides an instant snapshot of your current maturity as well as tips on how it can be improved.

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