OS location data can help your gas or electricity company increase sustainable energy, reduce carbon emissions, serve your customers better and meet energy regulator targets.

Get Smart

By 2020, every home and small business in Britain will have a Smart Meter installed*. Our location data can help your utility business meet your Smart Meter roll-out target and lower costs in the process.

With our addressing data you'll get the most current, detailed information including building type, size and density. It’s the level of accuracy you need to install Smart technology efficiently and to better calculate HAN coverage and analyse transmitter power.

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Maintain power lines

Our location data gives you sight of Britain’s landscape: roads, fields, buildings, vegetation, fences, paths and more, to help you maintain your power lines efficiently.

You can quickly work out whether growing vegetation is obstructing your electric power transmission, and you can improve visibility of your low voltage assets. By actively planning and maintaining your network, you’ll sustain energy distribution and reduce frustration for your customers.

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Increase renewable energy

Use our data to visualise the landscape in great detail; you can find the perfect location for siting onshore wind farms, implementing solar panels, storing biomass or setting up a new hydropower plant or power station.

By keeping track of existing assets and any exposed areas untouched by your competitors, you’ll save time, resource and costs because you can make decisions from your office – the requirement for site visits is reduced.

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Improve your billing process

With our data you know exactly where your customers live and you can be confident you’re sending bills to the correct addresses – right down to individual flat level. Getting it right first time, with our addressing data, saves your business money – and hassle.

The products you need

AddressBase Premium

Get the latest information on around 41 million addresses across Great Britain, including building type, size and density. Perfect for marketing to the right people and improving your billing process.

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OS MasterMap Topography Layer

With the most detailed and accurate view of Britain’s landscape including roads, fields, buildings, vegetation, fences, paths and more, you can improve energy efficiency and therefore customer satisfaction.

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How our data is used

Utility Week 2017

We’re going to be at some key events, showing how OS location data is helping the utilities industry.

Utility Week events

Scottish and Southern Energy manages assets

OS location data helped Scottish and Southern Energy to maintain 48,500km of high-voltage power lines.

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Smart infrastructure report

This report looks at how location data integrates with common priorities, operational challenges and strategic collaboration.

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Geovation Challenge: Solving industry problems

UK start-ups can take part in our Challenge which uses location data to solve issues around themes such as underground assets.

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