Download intelligent infrastructure report

Find out how other infrastructure organisations are achieving the vision of a single version of the truth – by using location data.

Location information is really important across the industry, whether you're an energy, water, telecoms, cable or other essential service throughout the nation.

This report looks at common priorities, operational challenges and examples of strategic collaboration.

With one source of location data you can:

  • Cut costs, improve service, reduce waste and repetition, avoid regulatory penalties and improve business efficiencies – all at the same time.
  • Send your field workforce out to the right location with the right information and the right equipment, every time.
  • Add intelligence to customer calls that helps work out the true severity of a reported problem.
  • Get the information updates you need, when you need them; to improve network roll-out; to manage assets (or even know where they are); to join up internal databases and to improve marketing cut-through.

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For gas, electricity, water, utilities, airports and telcos: use location information to manage your assets, plan maintenance and deliver customer service effectively.