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Detect mortgage fraud

  • We don't just see residential properties

    We see multiple occupancy properties and valid addresses

We understand that in the fight against mortgage fraud, intelligence is key. That's where Great Britain's most accurate and up-to-date geographic intelligence can help to both uncover and prevent fraudulent activity. By building up a more comprehensive picture of properties you are lending on, we can help you to improve both detection and prosecution rates.

A clearer view of properties

Our database can help validate the existence of single or multiple occupancy properties by checking the address actually exists and tracking the lifecycle of an address from planning through to demolition. This is especially useful when an individual property is converted into multiple addresses, alerting you to the potential for fraud.

  • Identify trends in your data

  • View hotspots at individual address level

  • Identify patterns by geographical area, time, frequency or intensity

  • Identify potentially bogus businesses involved in falsely inflated property appraisals

  • Present clear comprehensive cases of evidence for improved prosecution

Combining your own data with ours such as OS AddressBase and OS MasterMap, can give you greater confidence in analysing, identifying and preventing fraudulent activity.

Focus on counter-fraud managers

Ordnance Survey data helps us to compile irrefutable evidence to repudiate fraudulent claims.

John Baldock, Director of Investigation Services, Direct Group

Counter-Fraud Managers are advocates of using technology to identify and prevent mortgage fraud. They use geographic intelligence to visualise their mortgage books in a way that you simply can't do with a spreadsheet. Combining this with the ability to verify properties enhances their ability to detect fraud and make faster decisions on whether to investigate further.

With banks holding a wealth of data across many systems, Counter Fraud Managers are able to bring this information together with Ordnance Survey geographic intelligence to see where they are at risk from fraud. This allows them to validate the address, check the current status of the property, as well as view patterns and fraud hotspots, so they can protect their business.

Try our free sample data or use OS OpenData™ products.

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Relevant products

AddressBase products are an essential source of detailed location intelligence for both business and government.

OS MasterMap® is Ordnance Survey's most comprehensive product, containing a suite of different layers, each of which provides a different aspect of valuable mapping data for use in a Geographic Information system (GIS).

Over 4 million places across Great Britain, grouped into more than 600 classifications, Points of Interest is ideal for risk assessment, customer analysis and much more.

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