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Increase efficiencies across your bank's operations

Using our definitive location intelligence enables new ways of managing, analysing and sharing information through the common framework of geography.

Link the customer identification number to the individual property to provide a unique reference that can be used across legacy systems and monitor product applications by property, as well as customers. Gain additional value from using your licensed data across multiple departments providing an even greater and faster return on investment.

Key issues

  • Pressure to find cost savings in the current climate.
  • Consolidation across retail banks means branch networks are being scrutinised to save costs.
  • Pressure on banks to split up and dispose assets.
  • Money laundering continues to increase.
  • Financial crime increasingly linked to organised crime.
  • Basel II regulations requires banks to have a capital charge for Operational Risk as part of the capital adequacy framework.
  • New EU rules concerning concentration risk (revised large exposure regiemes) came into effect in 2011. Like insurers, banks will need to understand he accumulation of risk or lending they have in a fixed location and interconnections or dependencies within their lending portfolio (identifying customers' suppliers and their locations).
  • Catastrophic events (flooding, Buncefield, etc) potentially impacting banks' operations, causing business disruption.

The solution

Location intelligence can help by enabling you to:

  • Build a view of the product portfolio by location and branch to provide up and cross sell opportunities at the branch level.
  • Combat fraud (identification and prevention of potentially fraudulent product applications).
  • Identify trends in your data – viewing hot spots at individual address level – as opposed to postcode banding – can help to reveal trends not apparent through spreadsheets, tables or figures. Identify patterns by exploring your data by geographical area, time, frequency, intensity or associated links.
  • Give you greater confidence in analysing, highlighting and preventing fraud and help reduce potentially fraudulent product applications by combining your own and third-party information with Ordnance Survey location data.
  • Add Points of Interest (POI) to help identify potentially bogus businesses involved in falsely inflated property appraisals or Land Registry® data for establishing ownership, and if a mortgage application is actually for a property for sale.
  • Support identity validation at account opening, or new product applications for loans or credit cards, by asking applicants local geography related questions.
  • Pinpoint the location of your assets at individual address level and identify risk at any given precise location using the most up to date and accurate location and height data across the whole of Great Britain.
  • Taking this one step further with scenario modelling reveals the potential impacts of different types of risks and events to improve contingency planning and more accurately calculate your potential loss to a single event.
  • Assess the extent of exposure before and during disaster scale events to improve business continuity planning.

Business benefits

Using location data such as AddressBase, Points of Interest and OS VectorMap Local, gives you great benefits including:

  • Less capital apportioned as your risk is better understood
  • Greater understanding of your customer base
  • Greater and faster return on investment when using our data across mulitiple departments
  • Detect potentially fraudulent applications through trend and anomaly identification
  • Improved coordination and easier data sharing across departments, business units and legacy silo systems
  • Provide a single customer view across product portfolios and business units
  • Improved investigation into cases of mortgage fraud, money laundering, ATM theft and credit card fraud.
  • Manage not only exposure or risk in the bank’s physical asset portfolio, but also the banks financial interest in the asset for mortgage or loan customers.
  • Improved prosecution rates
  • Improved modelling and loss predictions
  • Help to provide accurate capital allocation of Operational Risk within the Basel II framework
  • Ability to provide contingency plans on the fly as events happen
  • Speed up and improve the accuracy of the calculation of exposure to an event to reassure shareholders, regulators and stakeholders.

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A detailed, street-level, backdrop map that you can customise, OS VectorMap Local is ideal when you need a map tailored to your project or web applications.

Royal Mail PAF addresses, both commercial and residential, matched to the local authority Unique Property Reference Number. AddressBase is a good entry-level product for your business.

Over 4 million places across Great Britain, grouped into more than 600 classifications, Points of Interest is ideal for risk assessment, customer analysis and much more.

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