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Reduce mortgage risk exposure

  • Reduce capital set aside requirements and risk exposure

    By re-evaluating of mortgage risk due to infrastructure expansion or flooding

The more information you have about a property including the risks around it you can better manage your portfolio, reducing your capital set aside requirements and exposure to mortgage risk. Having our most accurate and up-to-date mapping data can help your lending portfolio work smarter.

Many things can affect a property's risk and therefore its value, including its location and usage. But you can also improve your risk management by taking into account flood and or rising crime risk as well as the property's proximity to existing or future infrastructure projects (for example, HS2). You can even easily monitor the phyiscal concentration of mortgages. And being able to undertake this on an individual property basis, rather than just by postcode, can increase the confidence of your mortgage book ratings, freeing up capital and reducing risk.

Reduce concentration risk

By using AddressBase you can identify the number and type of properties on a plot of land, as well as instances of multi-occupancy and confirm their residential or commercial function. Combining this with our geographic information such as OS MasterMap, you can go further and visualise the risk providing a more accurate risk assessment and valuation. You can:

  • Identify individual properties that are exposed to a particular risk for example flooding, subsidence or crime rates
  • Identify where you have a high concentration of risk in one area
  • Locate new developments of flats or housing estates and monitor concentration risk
  • Locate properties that are affected by existing roads, rail lines, pylons etc
  • Re-evaluate mortgages that may be affected by planned infrastructure projects

This level of detail will enable you to:

  • Have a better understanding of the risk you are taking on
  • Unblock previously barred postcodes through individual property valuation
  • Reduce capital adequacy requirements
  • Allow more properties to pass through your automated valuation model

View our location intelligence products, download free sample data or use OS OpenData™ products.

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Royal Mail PAF addresses, both commercial and residential, matched to the local authority Unique Property Reference Number. AddressBase is a good entry-level product for your business.

OS MasterMap® is Ordnance Survey's most comprehensive product, containing a suite of different layers, each of which provides a different aspect of valuable mapping data for use in a Geographic Information system (GIS).

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