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AXA’s Rob Dakin: flooding still top of the agenda

Rob Dakin is Risk Control Manager – Property for AXA®. Rob has 22 years' experience in the insurance sector and has been with AXA since 2001. Rob works within the commercial underwriting/surveying field with responsibilities for geocoding AXA’s insurance risk.

How long have you been using our mapping data?

AXA Insurance started to use Ordnance Survey data to specifically develop a geo coordinated underwriting process in 2008 which has been a huge success. The award winning system we have developed is used by every AXA underwriter and surveyor and is now something we couldn’t live without. We continue to develop the tool as part of AXA’s drive for innovation in the sector.

What do you find most useful?

The fact that AXA can make an exact and instant geographic match to any of our policy locations by using Ordnance Survey data within our system is massively powerful to ensure consistent decision making and fast response to customers.

Why did you become interested in geographic information?

Accepting insurance risk based on postcode data is unfair to a large proportion of customers, so AXA can now gain very specific information on individual risks at address level and by matching them, we can prime our claims departments in the event of a loss. This is an excellent example of being customer centric with a joined up underwriting and claims approach.

What, in your opinion, are the key issues facing the insurance industry over the next three years?

Certainly there will be big challenges regarding the availability of insurance cover for flooding in the future. With the current ABI statement of principles expiring in 2013, protection of property against flooding in high risk locations will become a major factor. Ordnance Survey data will be critical in future judgement for flooding and additional insurance perils.

Tell us something not many people know about you? A fun fact or claim to fame, for example.

My twin boys were born on my wife’s birthday. Not a date I am likely to forget!

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