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What you can see with our data

The mapping shown here, centred on our London office, is just an example of the types of data that we collect and maintain. Click on the options on the left-hand side to see how much data you can get within as little as a 500m radius.

Reduce risk, improve your customer experience

As a lender you could use this type of information to improve your understanding of a mortgaged property at origination and throughout the life of the loan. By understanding proximity of a property to risks, for example flooding, subsidence or infrastructure change, you can minimise capital set-aside requirements and better manage risk concentration.

You can also track the location of transactions from your customers' home address which lets you start to use location as a proxy for risk, flagging potentially fraudulent transactions for further investigation.

Using our data will enable you to improve your customer experience, help satisfy regulators and reduce your risk.  

Find out more

If you like what you see and want to find out more about our data, you can try our products:

AddressBase data gives you accurate detail, right down to individual property level.
OS OnDemand delivers rasterised data over the internet directly to your organisation, wherever and whenever you need it.

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