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Improve your underwriting, price more accurately, reduce claims, detect fraud and identify risk with OS location data and input from our partners.

Improve underwriting, price accurately, reduce claims

Insurers – when it comes to making the right decisions, it’s all about the detail.

Knowing property type is key to accurate underwriting. Our addressing data gives you information right down to individual flat level. With our data underpinning yours, you’ll be able to identify claim hotspots to clamp down on fraud, plus you’ll have sight of high-risk areas to help you underwrite more profitable policies.

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Detect card fraud

Bankers – card fraud is a real issue, but one that can be tackled with the right intelligence.

Our location data gives you confidence when it comes to lending money – which is what you need when there's billions of pounds at stake. Use our data to verify that an individual address exists, and flag-up hot-spot fraudulent areas to help you make the right business decisions and prevent further fraud. It can also be used as evidence to prosecute fraudulent claims in court.

Detect mortgage fraud

Manage mortgage risk with OS location data. Use it to understand the geography around a property and how this affects valuation.

Our data can help you spread the concentration of your mortgage properties by giving you the latest, accurate addressing information – helping prevent fraud which reduces your business costs.

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AddressBase Premium

AddressBase Premium gives you information on around 41 million addresses in Great Britain. It’s the level of detail you need to make the right business decisions.

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Combine OS location data with your own customer data and input from our partners, and your business can improve risk management. With this level of insight you can pinpoint exactly where your customers are and visualise patterns to help you predict business outcomes. You can market to the right prospects; go above and beyond your competitors and save your organisation time and importantly, money.

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We serve the financial services sector through our partners who bring our data to life. Find the right OS partner for your business.