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Work with Ordnance Survey partners to improve your underwriting, price more accurately, reduce claims, detect fraud and identify risk.

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Improve underwriting, price accurately, reduce claims

OS data gives you detailed unique property information right down to individual flat level.

It allows you to underwrite more accurate policies and identify trends and claim hotspots to help you manage accumulated risk and realise fraudulent applications. You can correctly identify 26% more properties in high-risk flood zones when using OS location data rather than postcode-level analysis.

With such accurate data, you can reduce claims and improve customer experience.

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Detect fraud

Fraud is a real issue but one that can be tackled with the right intelligence.

Our location data gives you confidence when it comes to lending money, providing insurance and dealing with a claim. You can verify addresses and flag-up hot-spot fraudulent areas and applications, to help you make the right business decisions, prevent further fraud and support claims in court.

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Support mortgage applications

Manage mortgage risk with OS location data. Use it to understand the geography around a property, the associated risks and how this affects valuation.

Our data can help you spread the concentration of your mortgage properties by giving you the latest, accurate addressing information – helping prevent fraud which reduces your business costs.

Find a solution using OS data

Our partners can give you the data and tools you need to analyse your portfolio and increase profits.

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Ordnance Survey data has proved to be invaluable, enabling us to accurately locate our customers to their individual properties, identifying the spatial extent of postcode boundaries and visualising the surrounding area with detailed background mapping. This means our loss adjusters can immediately respond to our customers’ needs.”

— Rob Osment, Global GeoRisk Director, RSA

We use Ordnance Survey data as part of our geocoding solution for reinsurance, controlling our exposure and for pricing. The more detailed data enables us to more accurately predict the risk and therefore impact the pricing and how we want to target individual cases.”

— David Williams, Technical Director, AXA