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Insurers and location data

Accurate addressing data at your fingertips

Whether you are underwriting a complex factory site, multi-occupancy office block or residential home, our data can improve the accuracy of your risk rating, pricing and help to reduce re-insurance premiums by managing accumulation.

How? You'll have access to the location of every address, road, river and physical object in Britain. From this you can also assess the level of risk associated with each property, improve efficiencies when managing claims, spot fraudulent activity and help analyse motor accidents.

How you can use our data

Combine our accurate mapping data with your insurance data to improve your underwriting of flood risk and identify patterns such as clusters of suspicious insurance claims.

Benefits of location data

Underwriting and geographic information

Discover the benefits that using our geographic information can bring to the insurance sector for underwriting purposes.

Insurance customer forum

Hear from AXA and LV= on how they use mapping and addressing data to improve their underwriting. And ABI updates us on the Flood Re Scheme.

Our customers

OS maps and datasets can help to fine-tune our offering to customers, explains LV='s Richard Ellis. Richard is just one of the insurance professionals who use geographic data every day.

Meet our customers

Improve underwriting by harnessing data

Your organisation handles large amounts of data every day – your own and third party information. Make location the focus point and you'll see improvements to your underwriting.

Harness your data

Download our white papers for free

Stay up-to-date by downloading our white paper reports:

Video: industry figures on Flood Re

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