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Manage your insurance claims

  • We don't just see a flooded town

    We help you see affected individual properties

The frequency and intensity of weather-based events has increased over recent years, and as insurers and loss adjusters, you're being put under more pressure to deliver services to policyholders with improved efficiency – so that you can better manage claims.

When the weather takes a bad turn, you're immediately asking how many of your customers are affected? Where are they? What's your response and how many staff need to go?

Detailed data, improved efficiencies

Use our accurate and up-to-date geographic address data – combined with flood alert data – and you can pinpoint the customers and their individual properties affected by a surge event. This enables you to visualise the surrounding area with detailed background mapping, allowing your loss adjusters to immediately respond to your customers' needs.

You are quickly able to distinguish where, and how many of your policyholders are in relation to catastrophic risk. Straight away, you have an appreciation of the magnitude of the event.

By planning your response to major events within hours of it occurring, you can assign the correct level of resources, reducing wasted staff time and cost which could be deployed on the next major loss. You can also:

  • View customers' affected properties when you combine flood alerts
  • Visualise the level of exposure during a major loss
  • Deploy the correct level of resources to deal with the event
  • Improve your customer service – turn up before your customer calls you
  • Reduce the time taken to evaluate, and pass on potentially fraudulent claims for further investigation
  • Improve your loss ratio and provide a more competitive service through quicker claims handling

How RSA manages claims

We are quickly able to distinguish where and how many of our policyholders are in relation to catastrophic risk. Straightaway, we have an appreciation of the magnitude of the event.

Rob Osment, Technical Manager, GeoRisk – RSA

RSA relies on geographical information systems (GIS) and accurate spatial data in order to make informed decisions on how and where to deploy resources.

When a catastrophic event occurs, RSA's loss adjusters are faced with a number of questions: how do they locate customers and how many have been affected? Where do they deploy their emergency response vehicle and how many staff should be sent to the scene?

These key questions are easily answered within minutes using GIS and our mapping data. This has proved to be invaluable, enabling them to accurately locate their customers to their individual properties.

You can view our location intelligence products, download free sample data or use OS OpenData™ products.

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Relevant products

AddressBase products are an essential source of detailed location intelligence for both business and government.

Over 4 million places across Great Britain, grouped into more than 600 classifications, Points of Interest is ideal for risk assessment, customer analysis and much more.

A detailed, street-level, backdrop map that you can customise, OS VectorMap Local is ideal when you need a map tailored to your project or web applications.

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