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Improve your telematics operations

  • We don't just see a road network

    We see detailed road data, enabling you to price policies more accurately

By using our geographic intelligence – Great Britain's most accurate up-to-date transport network mapping data – combined with your customers' location data; you can pinpoint the roads your customers are driving on and determine the road classification, layout and traffic calming information.

This enables you to accurately price your telematics insurance policy, providing you with a competitive edge and helping you to secure customer loyalty. Incidents and claims can also be handled efficiently with increased knowledge and understanding of the road network.

The importance of location

Sharp rises in young driver premiums, increases in fraudulent whiplash claims and the pending inability to underwrite policies based on gender are forcing insurers to think differently. At the same time, commercial fleet managers are looking closely at driver performance to help them reduce rising fuel costs and meet legislation concerning carbon footprint.

This opens the door for insurers to add further value, beyond a standard motor policy, and create real competitive advantage in a saturated marketplace.

Detailed data, improved decisions

By using detailed, up-to-date geographic intelligence, you can increase the accuracy of your policy pricing and improve efficiencies in the event of a loss. You can also enhance your analysis of your own historic data to identify trends and hotspots. Our data features:

  • All 548,000km of Great Britain's road network
  • Road intelligence capture including: routing, height and width restrictions, gradients and traffic calming to assist in driver scoring
  • Extensive road classification information, allowing you to make faster decisions in case of a claim or customer query
  • Road changes captured within six months – providing up-to-date data to base your analysis on, and make accurate and dynamic pricing decisions

Take a look at our location intelligence products, download free sample data or use OS OpenData™ products.

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