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Detect insurance fraud

  • We don't just see another residential street

    We can help pinpoint fraudulent activity from applications through to claims

The role of a counter-fraud specialist is challenging. With the ABI stating Insurance Fraud claims uncovered to the value of £1.3billion in 2013 and a further estimated £800,000 of claims not detected (Annual Fraud Indicator states bogus or inflated claims costing £2.1bn), your insurance company will be looking for more robust ways to tackle fraud.

You can use our accurate mapping data to build a single customer view, to help you highlight bogus or invalid addresses. By combining your own data with ours, you can visually link individuals or organisations to quickly see patterns that aren't apparent in spreadsheets and tables.

Better detection, higher prosecution

You can identify patterns by exploring your data by geographical area, time, frequency, intensity or associated links. This helps you detect fraud at every stage from application through to claims. With accurate location data you'll see great benefits to your business. You can:

  • View trends and patterns across many forms of data
  • Reduce potentially fraudulent applications by matching addresses previously used for claims
  • Validate customer information against local authority alias addresses
  • Present clear cases of evidence to the police for improved prosecution
  • Reduce the time to evaluate, settle and repudiate claims and fraudulent data
  • Improve loss ratio and a more competitive service through quicker claims handling

Improve business performance

Ordnance Survey data helps us to compile irrefutable evidence to repudiate fraudulent claims.

John Baldock, Director of Investigation Services, Direct Group Ltd

Counter-Fraud Managers are advocates of using technology to identify and prevent fraud. If you're a Counter-Fraud Manager you'll be used to dealing with a wealth of information, often from many different systems. You'll need to combine accurate information to detect fraud and make quicker decisions on whether to investigate further.

Our accurate geographic data such as AddressBase and OS MasterMap can help you bring these sources together to identify where fraud is a threat to your business. And because all of this information is in one place, you can act quickly, building up comprehensive cases of evidence to present to the police, improving your loss ratio.

Take a look at our location intelligence products, download our free sample data or use OS OpenData™ products.

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Relevant products

AddressBase products are an essential source of detailed location intelligence for both business and government.

Over 4 million places across Great Britain, grouped into more than 600 classifications, Points of Interest is ideal for risk assessment, customer analysis and much more.

A detailed, street-level, backdrop map that you can customise, OS VectorMap Local is ideal when you need a map tailored to your project or web applications.

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