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Underwrite risk more accurately

  • We don't just see a postcode

    We see individual property data so you can more accurately underwrite risk

Underwriting is all about managing risk. And when you can more accurately assess risk, you can gain an advantage on your competitors and increase profitability.

Our up-to-the-minute geographic data allows you to make better-informed decisions at individual address level, rather than just by postcode banding.

With the Flood Re scheme now in full scale development preparing for launch in summer 2015, you'll need to take a more granular approach to your underwriting. With our data you can build a single customer view bringing together datasets from disparate internal and external systems, using location as the common feature.

Underwrite more properties

Being able to model risk more effectively allows you to more accurately price policies, and you can underwrite properties that previously you may have considered too high a risk. You can even identify trends and hotspots, helping you to manage accumulated risk and highlight fraudulent applications.

Our accurate location data helps you to:

  • Identify trends by viewing policies at individual address level rather than postcode banding
  • Achieve accurate proximity calculations using true building extents to assess more accurate accumulation and improve risk profiles
  • See a 26.7% increase in the number of properties correctly identified in flood risk zones compared to postcode banding
  • Achieve enhanced acquisition of profitable business
  • Quickly and more accurately calculate exposure to risk
  • Efficiently save across fraud detection, claims handling, underwriting and capital modelling
  • Identify and prevent fraud

View our location intelligence products, download free sample data or use OS OpenData™ products.

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