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Unify your technology

  • We don't just see complex data issues across departments

    We see shared IT that builds a single customer view

Having Great Britain's most accurate, up-to-date geographic intelligence can help give you a real competitive advantage. Instead of a confusion of data and diverse IT systems within your business, you can use our geographic intelligence to bring together disparate legacy systems.

A single customer view

Being able to build a single customer view is invaluable when sharing information across departments and offices. With the pressure to find cost savings, this can help you deliver efficiency savings across everything from fraud detection and claims handling to capital modelling and underwriting. Using our data such as our AddressBase® and OS MasterMap® products, will enable you to:

  • Create a single customer view across your organisation
  • Use address or location as the common data key to share data across your business
  • Improve underwriting accuracy
  • Uncover and prevent fraud
  • Speed up claim decisions by validating customer information
  • Identify trends – combining our intelligence with your data is powerful
  • Improve contingency planning by scenario modelling

Managing risk

Underwriters are all about using technology to assess risk. By providing accurate information, often from different sources, they can enhance their ability to calculate risk and make more accurate business decisions to underwrite more profitably.

Allianz improves risk assessment

Insurers hold a wealth of data across many systems. By using Ordnance Survey geographic intelligence combined with their own data, Allianz was able to bring these sources together to see where risks were accumulating more accurately.

The information enables us to identify postcode areas in which we have an accumulation of risks in the form of individual premises

Catherine Dixon, Head Of Property Insurance

By using Cadcorp SIS, they could build an accumulation and perils assessment system, which comprises a database of bespoke Allianz hazard ratings. This has been key to Allianz underwriters being able to make decisions using up-to-date information and is crucial to the calculation of premium and terms for any quotation. The benefits of using Cadcorp SIS are:

  • Improved use of combined information across your organisation
  • Underwriting decisions are based on up-to-date risk information
  • It allows you to successfully calculate premium and quotation terms
  • Accumulation reports can be run monthly, enabling more timely decisions

You can view location intelligence products, download free sample data or use OS OpenData™ products.

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Royal Mail PAF addresses, both commercial and residential, matched to the local authority Unique Property Reference Number. AddressBase is a good entry-level product for your business.

OS MasterMap® is Ordnance Survey's most comprehensive product, containing a suite of different layers, each of which provides a different aspect of valuable mapping data for use in a Geographic Information system (GIS).

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