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Paul Wyse, Environment Agency: local data makes the difference

It flooded a lot in 2012. There were 11 ‘floods’ although it often seemed like it never stopped flooding and around 8,000 properties suffering the devastating effects of water in their house. The 2012 floods re-enforced the need for decision-makers, including those insurers offering the last line of defence to households, to be aware of and have access to local flood data.

We have lots of data; much of which is created by local staff in our 19 area offices using their experience of the rivers they know. An example is our National Flood Risk Assessment. Whilst its title is ‘National’, not many people realise that it incorporates 200,000 local flood defence levels, water levels from over 1,500 local flood models, detailed ground survey data, and local staff can update it quarterly.

Live flood warnings and the areas they have been issued for is available as a feed. This aids quicker corporate response to developing flood emergencies, helps target loss adjuster resources and review portfolio exposure.

My role was created to help those decision-makers have a better awareness of our flood data and the benefits it can offer.

Please get in touch; I’m sure our data can help improve your decision-making.

Paul Wyse, National Lead (Flood Data), Environment Agency.

Paul has 20 years experience working for the EA and its predecessors, recently working for eight years in the national flood team, which owns river, sea, surface water and historic flood maps. He now works raising awareness of the many benefits of using the Agency’s flood data amongst the financial services industry.

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