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Closer to the team

Rollo Home, 3D Product Manager

What is your role in the team?

I’m responsible for devising the roadmap for the introduction of our future 3D products. I also have responsibility for height and imagery product portfolios. We were delighted to recently complete the construction of our entirely new Height Content Store (iDTM) from which we’ve launched this year the first of our new products – OS Terrain® 50 and Terrain 5.

What does that entail?

Rollo Home, 3D Product Manager

Product Development has an eye to predicting future demand but always has an eye on our current product offering. In regard to 3D, we are probably much nearer a technical solution than many may think; rather than technical constraints, the business justification for adoption of 3D is currently the biggest barrier.
The end-user currently has very limited options open to them if they want to adopt 3D geospatial data, and to that end a lot of time is spent working with software vendors and standards bodies to establish consensus in the market place.

What do you think will be the main pressures facing our clients over the next 12 months?

I believe the problems faced by the financial services are probably not that different from those affecting many customer-focused sectors: the continued demand to be able to offer more for less.

Customers expect access to services to be fast and simple, both at the initial transaction and (significantly) at any future point of contact with the service provider. Thus while online delivery initially offered cost savings to the supplier, it has now given greater flexibility to the customer to choose and change their service provider.

Having the right data to provide the right level of response to a customer query is becoming more and more important; the need, for example to provide the right level of cover at the right premium as quickly and cheaply as possible is now vital in an age of price comparisons and niche expertise service providers competing equally on the web. In terms of the third dimension, having an understanding of how an asset (or liability) physically interacts with those surrounding it is becoming an intrinsically 3D problem – for example is it sufficient to know that a property falls within a flood zone, or is the height of an address (such as a flat) more important?

What do you enjoy about the job you do?

The broad remit of the work is extremely liberating and enables me to work across the entire spectrum of our industry and those of our users. While at times this can be daunting, working with people who are pushing at the extreme edges of technology in my bid to identify developing trends is extremely exciting.

Tell us something not many people know about you.

I’ve no particular claim to fame, but a little known fact might include the fact that I’m an enthusiastic adventure racer having completed this year two coast-to-coast multi day events. These typically involve some torturous combination of running, riding and paddling, and generally it’s no fun at all until after the crossing the finishing line...where upon you find yourself contemplating the next one!

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