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Knowing the location of every road and water network, residential and commercial address and the type of terrain across Britain is data that can put your business at the forefront of your industry.

By integrating your customer records with detailed location information you can identify areas of risk, meaning that you're able to price your insurance premiums accurately or find a suitable site to build on, for example. You can also plan better by knowing exactly where all of your assets are, and improve your customer service by understanding your customers' location.


Stay ahead of your competition; find the best location for opening a new store and learn about your competitor's plans.
Analyse points of interest, road networks and addresses

Land & property

Improve your customers' operations, whether it's selecting a suitable site, managing assets or planning logistics.
Identify land terrain, building heights and points of interest

Financial services

Whether you work in insurance or the banking sector, location can help you reduce time, money and risk.
Accurate address data is key – right down to individual flats

Energy & infrastructure

Your utility company can use our map data to plan for emergencies, manage your assets and improve your services.
Use our map data online to view road networks and addresses

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