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As an architect you can choose our location data to support your clients’ business decisions and manage client projects with feasibility studies, environmental investigations, scenario modelling and presenting design plans.

We understand how important detail is to you, which is why our accurate geographic data is used so widely within the architect industry across Great Britain. Working on behalf of your clients, you can use our location data to:

  • Identify and assess risk, for example for flood and contaminated land;
  • Identify and reduce cost to your design;
  • Increase business efficiency, for example reduce the time spent out on site and desk researching; and
  • Support the planning process.

You can use our geographic data at key stages of a project workflow to add significant value and inform decisions.

Getting the best out of our data

We work closely with partners, and our data combined with their data gives you a great foundation for making business decisions.

We work with Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and our existing customers to develop best practice, and also key software vendors such as Autodesk and Bentley Systems to ensure you can access our data easily.

Our partners can provide you with the detailed large-scale topography data that is invariably used at the preparation, conceptual design stage of a project workflow, and they offer a range of heightened content, imagery and environmental data.

For options, pricing and digital products either speak with your current provider (a partner) or find one of our land and property partners.

Moving from 2D to 3D design

The industry is seeing an increasing shift from 2D design to 3D information modelling which is affecting architects, designers and construction professionals. It’s a development every bit as significant as when designers moved away from the drawing board and adopted CAD technology about 30 years ago.

This movement means that increasingly, location data will be needed to undertake a more detailed analysis of a project, so that you can engage with your clients and give them the best possible advice given their design brief.

Detecting building heights

The really exciting development that will impact your industry is height dimension.

Our master database – OS MasterMap data – is being 3D enabled, and with around 10,000 updates a day its content, accuracy and currency is continuously being improved.

Top right images courtesy of Landmark Information Group

Our partners are innovating around the 3D height propositions more and more. Here are some examples:

3D printed designs

Image courtesy of Autodesk

Another exciting development is the use of location data in 3D visualisation and simulation platforms such as Autodesk’s Infraworks 360.

Watch Autodesk's video to see what they have achieved with our data.

Find out more

Please contact us if you'd like to find out more about our location data, our work with partners or the latest in 3D design and visualisation and detecting building heights.

Get in touch with us at OS

Or, contact one of our land and property partners for more information:

Find a partner

More information

Find a partner

Find the right land and property partner to help you gain actionable insights from your business data.

Contact us at OS

Get in touch for more information about our location data and how we work with our partners.

Royal Institute of British Architects

We work closely with RIBA to develop best practice in the industry.

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