Manage your business assets

Maximise the full potential of location analytics to help in your business's asset management strategy.

By linking your business information with location, third party datasets and analytics, you can achieve a greater understanding of your portfolio from a single source. Having access to the most accurate and up-to-date location data can help your business work smarter.

Just imagine if you could bring together a range of information on your portfolio to help you make better decisions from an earlier stage. Bringing location in right from the start can help to reduce the time and cost normally spent in collecting information, and ensures due diligence within the process. Sound interesting?

At Ordnance Survey we are working closely with third party data suppliers and our partners to develop a single source solution for asset management, giving your entire organisation easier access to the same information.

This single source solution could help you to:

•  Gain a greater understanding and visualisation of your portfolio.
•  See current asset values and neighbouring valuations.
•  Profile rental risk.
•  Identify risk of flood or underground hazards.
•  Have a profile of maintenance.
•  Access disposal information.

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