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Housing association management

Housing assocation managers need to meet challenging targets for occupancy, asset yield, cost control and tenant satisfaction.

Our geographic data can help achieve excellence in strategic planning, cost savings in asset management and assist in the management of grounds maintenance. It can improve customer care, support the fulfilment of legislative, regulatory and client demands and is fundamental in the development and understanding of communities and neighbourhoods.

Managing your properties

Using our geographic data to manage properties can reveal trends and patterns otherwise missed when studying tables and data separately.

Specifically, location data really comes into its own when:

  • analysing property profiles - grading or evaluation of properties, rents, voids, etc;
  • assessing development opportunities;
  • managing stock portfolio;
  • managing and identifying property spread;
  • informing the acquisition and disposal process; and
  • understanding what makes neighbourhoods succeed as a community.

Integration of datasets

When combined with census data or socio-economic information, our geographic data can be used for strategic decision making. Examples include:

  • Contract management - site evaluation, planned maintenance and cyclical maintenance.
  • Project evaluation - sustainable community concepts and benchmarking.
  • Development - identifying sites and recording permissions.
  • People, place and location - housing officer patches and customer service.
  • Budgets - financial evaluation of projects and repairs evaluation.

Managing land, buildings and Infrastructure

If your assets are located in more than one place, using our geographic data is one of the most effective ways to track and manage them.

Using OS data for managing land, buildings and infrastructure

Providing services

Our geographic data has helped housing associations maintain and manage a large number of properties and improve customer service, especially when combined with other data.

Using OS data to support services


Gi4housing is an open forum that focuses on housing issues, is run independently and administered by people working in a similar environment.

Case studies

Investing in a geographical information system (GIS) is enabling award-winning Thames Valley Housing (TVH) to save £200,000 in grounds maintenance costs each year – without compromising its quality of service.

Sustainability management has been greatly improved for social housing providers by using mapping to understand their data in an application designed by sustain.

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