Land and property

OS location data, together with the insight of our partners, helps you assess land, clarify addresses, manage assets and plan projects.

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Support BIM

Our location data lets you visualise land and buildings in precise detail to help you carry out site analysis, construction project management and asset and property management. It's perfect for using with Building Information Modelling.

Combine OS data with our partners’ expertise and your own BIM processes, and you’ll discover a wealth of location insight to help you make the right business decisions.

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Analyse potential new sites

Use our data when you need to carry out thorough analysis on a potential development site. What type of land would you be building on? Is it in a flood risk area? What buildings surround a site and are connections to roads good?

It's also easy to find potential new sites your competitors may not have identified.

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Plan, design and collaborate with ease

With OS location data you can plan, design and oversee projects efficiently from pre-application stage right through to completion. When you know about the land you’re building on, it makes an architect’s job much easier.

Plus, with architects, designers, construction engineers and OS partners all working from the same source of location data, you’ll generate better collaboration and communication and create a seamless workflow.

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Manage assets and risk

Our data gives you detailed information about every address in your property portfolio. From exact location to size, type and property boundaries.

Pinpoint site access points, analyse surrounding buildings and combine third party data to identify land at risk of flooding or contamination. Spot risks early on and you can increase your profitability and improve customer service.

When you can visualise map data from the comfort of your own desk – without having to send staff out in the field – you'll lower costs, and save time and resource.

The products you need

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most detailed, accurate, reliable view of Great Britain’s landscape. You have sight of every road, field, path, tree, building and more to help you improve your business processes.

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AddressBase Premium

Get up-to-date information on around 41 million addresses across Great Britain, including property type and size. It's the detailed information you need to help influence your decision-making.

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Find an OS partner

Our partners can take you that step further by providing valuable insight and analysis. Together with OS data and your own data, you can develop a single source platform that can help you make smarter decisions about where to develop.

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How our data is used

Speedy access to accurate mapping for Bell Ingram

Land and property management specialist, Bell Ingram, used OS location data to complete projects quickly, saving costs.

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Denholm architects maintain competitive edge

OS location data helped Denholm Partnership Architects gain competitive advantage and save time.

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OS data adds value to BIM

OS location data helps you visualise Britain's landscape so that you can make better decisions and manage your properties more efficiently.

More about OS data and BIM

We work with leading professionals: RICSRIBANLA | ICES

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We serve the land and property sector through our partners who bring our data to life. Find the right OS partner for your business.