Land and property

OS data, together with our partner solutions, can help you manage and monitor land and property. You can submit planning applications, and architects, engineers and construction professionals can use our map data at key stages of a project lifecycle.

Aerial view of houses and street

Manage assets and risk

OS data gives you detailed information about every address in your property portfolio. From exact location to size, type and property boundaries.

Pinpoint site access points, analyse surrounding buildings and combine third party data to identify land at risk of flooding or contamination. Spot risks early on and you can increase your profitability and improve customer service.

When you can visualise map data from the comfort of your own desk – without having to send staff out in the field – you'll lower costs, and save time and resource.

Aerial view of construction site

Analyse potential new sites

Use our data when you need to carry out thorough analysis on a potential development site. What type of land would you be building on? Is it in a flood risk area? What buildings surround a site and are connections to roads good?

It's also easy to find potential new sites your competitors may not have identified.

Architect designs

Plan, design and collaborate with ease

Our partners can give you the data and tools you need to access large-scale data in CAD compatible formats, and help with property development, location analytics, BIM workflow and incorporating third party data to understand risk.

This lets you plan, design and oversee projects efficiently from pre-application stage right through to completion.


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