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Data you can build on

Land and property

Our location data, together with the insight of our partners, helps you assess land, clarify addresses, manage assets and plan projects.


Location is critical to delivering Building Information Modelling. Generate and manage data during the infrastructure cycle and save time, costs, and improve collaboration and productivity.

Location and BIM


Use location data including 3D building heights, to support your clients throughout all stages of a project; identify risk to land and reduce cost to your design.

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Property developers

The day-to-day decisions you make for your business rely hugely on location. Our data is so detailed, you know exactly where your assets are and where there's potential risk.

Location, location, location

Housing associations

Manage each of your properties effectively with the help of our data. You can assess development opportunities and identify property spread.

Making better decisions

Manage your assets

Get the detail you need. Achieve a greater understanding of your portfolio by linking your business information with location, third party data sets and analytics.

Manage your assets


When facing a particularly challenging economic climate, our up-to-date map data can help you clarify individual addresses and boundary queries so often raised in property searches.

Get accurate data

Consulting engineers

Knowing that everyone is working from the same information is key to a project's success. Using the same location data you can be sure you engineer buildings that make the most of a site.

Meet customer expectations

Site analysis

We're working closely with third party data suppliers and our partners to develop a single source platform that can help you to make smarter decisions about where to develop.

Analyse sites across GB

Professional bodies

We work with leading professional bodies to help you make better decisions: RICS | RIBA | NLA| ICES
Do I need a licence to use OS map data?
You may need a licence; make sure you're covered.

Planning application mapping
How to get mapping to support a planning application.

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