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OS Terrain 5

Adding a third dimension will enhance your analytical applications.

OS Terrain 5 overlaid with OSMM Topography Layer building height

As mapping data is required at the earliest phases of the project lifecycle, you will also need information to help with BREEAM Assessments and Design and Access Statements to identify amenities, environmental information and infrastructure around your site.

Increasingly, there's a need to carry out 3D modelling and conceptual visualisation. OS Terrain 5 models the shape of Great Britain's landscape. It can be used with a wide range of geographic data and software tools, making it suitable for 3D modelling applications.

OS Terrain 5

No other height product has been modelled with such attention to detail as OS Terrain 5, particularly for significant features such as major roads, rail and large lakes, regardless of how remote their location. This superior accuracy becomes more powerful when used as a base height for OS MasterMap® Topography Layer where the synchronicity of features allows greater accuracy in analytical applications such as view-shed modelling. In addition to this, the new building height attribute within OS Master Map Topography Layer could be used to extrude the buildings into 3D objects providing a valuable 3D model of the built environment. This can be used to:

  • Identify and examine flood risk areas - road closures, evacuations, sites for emergency aid.
  • Identify vulnerable areas such as schools and hospitals.
  • Conduct view-shed modelling when planning a new building - visual impact, right to light, protected views.
  • Assess the location of new wind turbines - wind speed, route access, impact on landscape.
  • Provide visualisations and models for public consultations and planning applications.

With this improved ability to incorporate terrain considerations into operational decisions and project plans, there's a reduced need for site surveys, as well as an improvement in project cost estimates. Customers who are using other Ordnance Survey data products will not find another height product in the market which offers this level of consistency, coverage and currency with our topographic features. It is more than a product on its own, rather a fully integrated part of the Ordnance Survey data stack.

Any of our licensed partners in the land and property sector can help you:

Our land and property partners

Our partners offer solutions for all aspects of the land and property market, from environmental reports, to historical mapping to utility information and a whole host of other key tools. Please discuss your need for location intelligence with your existing mapping provider. If you do not have an existing provider, click on the link below to find the right solution for your business.

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Who we work with in the land and property market

The land and property market is very large and very complex, so there are a few segments of it which we focus on. To get a flavour of these and how we work with them, please follow the link. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us direct, please email us at: lpintelligence

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