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Property developers

Location is one of the most important influencing factors in the day-to-day decisions that property developers make, for both their business and their projects. Our location data can provide the foundation for such decisions about asset management, risks and costs.

Location is a key factor in all property decisions, from planning applications to underpinning complex multi-layered databases. A quarter of property developers we surveyed use location data to inform their business strategy and over a third predict usage to increase in the next two to five years.

Our geographic data and your property development project

Understand the different stages of the property development process to see how our geographic data can help you and your clients make the right decisions.

Managing land, buildings and infrastructure

If your assets are located in more than one place, using our geographic data is one of the most effective ways to track and manage them.

Using geographic data for managing land, buildings and infrastructure

The right licence

Our geographic data is protected by Crown copyright. We offer a range of licences fit for varying needs to cover the use of our data. Unlicensed use is illegal and can invalidate your business's indemnity insurance.

Find the right licence

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