Improve pre-application site analysis

Make your pre-application site analysis process easier.

By linking your business information with location, third party datasets and analytics, you'll get a view of the whole picture and see real cost and time savings within the pre-application process.

By accessing a range of data from one single source you can make better decisions from the outset and you won't need to invest in collecting the information yourself. It's all in one place and you'll be well on your way to making your business smarter.

At OS we are working closely with third party data suppliers and our partners to develop a single source solution to help the pre-application and site analysis process.

  • Use accurate location information: Get the latest GB datasets and imagery and zoom right in to detailed information. 
  • Improve planning: Get access to restricted and opportunity areas, local planning authority information and planning applications for a specific area.
  • Assess risk and peril: Find details and visualisations to identify risk, including flood, contamination and underground hazards.
  • Understand land ownership: Get easier and quicker access to Land Registry Title Deeds, covenants and restrictions.

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