Analyse your store competition

Monitor your competitors' store locations and store plans using our accurate, up-to-date location data.

Accurately and efficiently monitor your competitors' store locations.

Relying on your competitors to update their website with information about new stores opening can be a laborious process. By using our accurate, up-to-date location data, you can straight away identify more competitor store openings and then update your existing systems, without the need for scraping competitors’ websites.

You can also find out about new store openings in advance as AddressBase Premium includes addresses of buildings not yet complete; meaning you're notified even as early as the planning permission stage.

We use the latest technology, aerial photography, our ties to local government and more than 300 surveyors to capture up to 10,000 changes to the built environment across Great Britain every day, including half a million changes to addresses every year.

Stay ahead of your competition

Points of Interest data showing commercial organisations

Stay one step ahead of your competition by using our AddressBase Premium and Points of Interest products to find out the following about your competitors’ stores:

  • the accurate location
  • the name and size of the store site therefore inferring the store type
  • new store openings before the building is complete; in some instances as early as the planning permission stage; and
  • potential opportunities for new stores by identifying areas that are not currently served.

By adding OS MasterMap Topography Layer, you have sight of the whole of Great Britain's landscape which includes roads, paths, buildings, vegetation and more.

Visualising all of this data on to mapping allows you to make more accurate decisions faster, helping you stay ahead of your competition.

The products you need

Points of interest

Get the most comprehensive, location-based directory of all public and privately-owned businesses, education and leisure services in Britain.

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AddressBase Premium

Get the most up to date, accurate information about addresses, properties and land areas where services are provided.

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OS MasterMap Topography Layer

Get the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain's landscape – from roads to fields, to buildings and trees, fences, paths and more.

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