Find the perfect location for opening a new retail store with our up-to-date mapping data. Visualise where your customers are and where your competitors are planning to be.

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Plan your store location

OS location data can reveal the best place to open a new store as well as the type of customers you're likely to get, and consumer buying habits. By looking for those patterns on a map, it’s much easier to make decisions about profitable site planning, resourcing and logistics.

- Do you want to build a supermarket? You need to plan retail sites near the right type of family clusters. We show you what’s in each residential area, from primary schools to swimming pools.
- Do you need great transport links? We know every inch of the roads – literally – which means our data gives you the edge when you’re calculating supply chain costs.
- If you’re a fashion chain, where’s the in-place to shop? Are there enough car parks to make shopping easy, or will your customers have to walk?

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Analyse your store competition

With our incredibly detailed, up-to-date location data, you can do more than identify where your competitors are. You can see where they’re planning to be in the future. Access information about upcoming stores – we get the details as soon as they enter the planning stage.

Stay ahead of your competition with our addressing data and make the right decisions about planning for retail premises.

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The products you need

Points of Interest

With Points of Interest you’ve got access to a wealth of information – the location of commercial services, schools, sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, transport companies, health organisations, hotels and more. You can quickly see where the hot-spots are.

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AddressBase Premium

Add AddressBase Premium and you’ve got detailed information about every property and address in Great Britain and Northern Ireland – that’s around 41 million addresses. Perfect for marketing to the right people. You can work out who your customers will be and identify their buying patterns.

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OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer shows every feature of Britain’s landscape. Roads, buildings, fields, trees, paths, fences and more – when you’ve got all this information in front of you, you can be confident you’re investing in the right area.

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Find a solution using OS data

Our Partners can take our data and turn it into the perfect, tailored solution for your business.

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